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Lonely Gamers : Peinture d'armée. Historique.
A little Bit of Classical Indian - The Miniatures Company This morning I finally completed the 'baggage camp' for a friends Classical Indian Impetvs Army. Now I know it does not actually look like a baggage camp, however it will certainly look good on the table top. The figures are from the very nice range of Classical Indians by The Miniatures Company. They are larger than most other ranges but certainly paint up well and have some nice characters. ...
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Le convertorum : Conversions, peinture
I CHALLENGE THEE!!! Hi all!Head on over to 28 magazine and check out their new Fifth Chaos God challenge, inspired by Mhorrigot, the patron deity I cooked up a few years ago. I'll serve as supreme judge, jury and executioner for the contest entries.A Nurgle contest would perhaps have been even more fitting during the pandemical circumstances, but everybody should at least have plenty of hobby time these strange times ...
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Imagifig : Le blog d'Olivier Vermaut
Peinture Fallout WW (1) J’avance enfin à mes figurines post-apo avec en particulier les figurines plastiques nécessaires au 1er scénario de Fallout Wasteland Warfare. Les socles sont déjà texturés. J’ai utilisé du quickshade qui se prête bien à la crasse et aux teintes du …
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