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Vétilles : Le blog d'Absalom.
Claustrophobia – Le Fléau et les Possédés Bonjour, Suite de la peinture de ma boite de Claustrophobia avec le Fléau et les deux Possédés. Avoir peint le matériel du premier scénario s’est avéré très gratifiant donc me voilà bien bien motivé pour poursuivre même si les fig’s, bon, c’est décidément toujours pas un coup de cœur.   Le Fléau : on commence …
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One Page Rules : One Page Rules est le site de Gaetano Ferrara qui écrit et publie gratuitement Age of Fantasy et Grimdark Future qui sont des règles de jeu alternatives à celles de Warhammer Age of Sigmar et Warhammer 40.000.

Community Survey – January 2020 Hi everyone, 2019 was a year of big changes for OPR, during which we polished our games a lot as well as re-released a lot of old games. We also added a ton of new features that we always thought the project needed, and now we feel pretty stable in our offering. That being said,…
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Gardens of Hecate : Le blog de Ana Polanscak
CCXLVIII. Sunhold: The First Triumvirate - Introduction This summer I will once more be organising an AoS28 multiplayer event game at in Zagreb. The project has only recently reached production stage, and I'll be documenting its development here on the blog - perhaps it will help someone who is interested in organising something similar. Before I started inviting potential participants and collaborators, I had to do a certain amount of work and ...
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Olicanalad's Games : Le blog de Olicanalad
Sidi Rezegh using BKC 4 leads to questions of scale and spectacle Carrier Platoons of the Motor Companies shelter in a wadi, Sidi Rezegh. Two carriers to carry a 'platoon' looks far better than one, though they only count as one for hits, etc.As you know, I'm very lucky in that I have a war games room with a permanent table. This means I can leave games set up between weekly gaming sessions enabling big battles to be fought out over two or three weeks. All well ...
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