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One Page Rules : One Page Rules est le site de Gaetano Ferrara qui écrit et publie gratuitement Age of Fantasy et Grimdark Future qui sont des règles de jeu alternatives à celles de Warhammer Age of Sigmar et Warhammer 40.000.

Writing Jam Start + Sellswords Revealed! Hi everyone, Today we’ve got just a small but very important update, covering the writing jam, a brand new game, as well as showing off previews of the February model releases. Outside of that this week has been pretty quiet, but that’s because we’re working on a lot of new things that we think will…
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Hastalafigurinasiempre : Le blog d'Ajax/Cyrus33
Raid dans le désert, épisode III Salut à toi, Compañero figuriniste !Pour débuter aujourd'hui, les Irlandais de God Is An Astronaut (et le titre Fade) avec leur post-rock planant et mélodique (sans chant pour les plus frileux). Idéal pour se balader sous un ciel étoilé dans le désert...  Profitant des vacances, j'avance sur divers projets... d'où les nombreux articles à des dates rapprochées (comprendre, ça va se ...
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Gardens of Hecate : Le blog d'Ana Polanscak
Cargo Cult Idol   Back in December 2020, 28 mag had a fantastic giveaway called The Darkest Holiday. One of the two dozen lucky winners received a voucher to have a miniature converted and painted by me, and this here biomechanical monstrosity is the result. The winner sent me a box of various bits (mostly Kingdom Death and WH40K), and gave me complete freedom on what to make ...
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The Renaissance Troll : Le blog de Joseph McCullough, auteur de Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago et Rangers of Shadow Deep.
Mutiny on the Spanish Main by Angus Konstam Nothing helps me through the anxious times quite like a good book! For awhile I can put all the worries aside and travel to another world, whether that be fantasy, science-fiction, philosophy, or history. A couple of days ago, I picked up by Angus Konstam and read through it in a fury of excitement.Straight up – this is a great book.It tells the story of the HMS Hermione, a Royal Navy frigate ...
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