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Olicanalad's Games : Le blog de Olicanalad
Last of the Portuguese Stage one of my Peninsular project is rapidly drawing to a close, and not a year too soon. Today I've managed to base up a couple of guns and clear the last of the Portuguese from the lead pile.This three instalment batch comprised two units of line infantry; two guns and a limber; five skirmish stands of Cacadores. All figures are by Front Rank.12th Line (Chaves). This unit was in 6th ...
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The Renaissance Troll : Le blog de Joseph McCullough, auteur de Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago et Rangers of Shadow Deep.
Fireteam Alpha  I've been continuing work on my 'Starhawk Down' project, and have just finished my first fireteam of colonial marines. They are a rough and tumble lot. None are wearing the exact same armour, and it's all been pretty heavily battered, but that just shows these are veterans.I also finished up another junk-modelling building, which you can see behind them.  Again, this is a low-detail, get ...
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Aventures en 25 mm : Le blog des aventures en 25 mm.
Campagne Warhammer rpg (CR10) Ca y est !!! On a repris notre campagne de Warhammer rpg. Nous étions donc partis dans le Moot, patrie des hobbits, pour recruter un hobbit chasseur de vampires. Nous avons aussi recruté Ludwig, un jeune hobbit apprenti magicien un peu gauche. Après une bonne nuit chez les parents de Goldora, nous prenons la route avec notre mentor chasseur de hobbit. L'idée est d'aller tuer un vampire de ...
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