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Pousse Plomb :
Witch of the Demonic Thorn. a lancé cette campagne pour financer une sorcière STL en 70 et en 32mm. Plusieurs versions de cette sorcières sont disponibles. La campagne n'est pas encore financée à 13 jours de la fin.---launched this campaign to finance a STL witch in 70 and 32mm. Several versions of this witch are available. The campaign is not yet funded 13 days from the end. 
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Gardens of Hecate : Le blog d'Ana Polanscak
Tutorial: Painting a Gangreous Flesh Monster I painted the Horrible Husband mini  from Wilhelminiatures for my next Forbidden Psalm campaign game, where it will be cast as the Great Maw. I also see myself using it in Rangers of Shadow Deep as a Flesh Golem. I thought it would be a good idea to google photos of gangrenous hands for reference... If you're even a bit squeamish, I wouldn't recommend ...
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