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Flashing Steel

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Editeur Ganesha games
Univers Historique , Piraterie
Systèmes Alterné , Campagne , Escarmouche
Echelle 15mm , 28/32mm , 54mm
Figurines Jeu sans gamme de figurines

De l'éditeur:
Flashing Steel is a fast paced, skirmish level, romantic Late Renaissance, miniature war-game system for two or more players. Based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics, the rules are simple to learn but laden with lots of crunchy tweaks. This is both a war-game and a chance to do a little story-telling about your army. 1560 to, say, the early 1700's: the Age of Exploration.

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Couverture du livre de la règle
Couverture du livre de la règle
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